Executive Director of Operations

Team: Executive Director Team
Report To: CEO
Grade: EXDR


Reporting to the Chief Executive you will play an important role in the strategic policy formulation, implementation and development of new thinking to support the Chief Executive our Boards and Committees. You will be responsible for driving all transformation and change programs within your area of responsibility to improve organisational performance, including innovation, transformation, communication, people, values and culture

Your will provide effective leadership, direction and continuous development of the following services, which are your areas of responsibility:

  • Housing stock, property portfolio and assets, with the exception of development services.
  • Planned maintenance and responsive repairs service
  • Income Collection
  • Neighbourhood Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Business Development


  • You will support the Chief Executive in the management of effective governance arrangements for the organisation, including the efficient servicing of Boards and sub-committees to ensure that Board members are equipped to meet and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements and responsibilities in accordance with the highest standards of performance and probity.
  • As member of the Executive Management Team you will support the Chief Executive, the Board and Sub Committees defining and delivering Salix Homes priorities, policies and plans.
  • You will oversee, coordinate and contribute to ensure the communication and delivery of the Corporate Plans through clear and focussed service action plans that successfully achieve business targets and performance indicators. 
  • You will lead strategic projects and initiatives to achieve corporate priorities and challenging targets through the appropriate use of resources, whilst at all times ensuring compliance with Salix Homes governance arrangements.
  • You must ensure that a system of continuous review and improvement is embedded within the service so that “traditional thinking” is challenged and innovation pursued
  • You will be integral in developing effective partnerships with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure innovative and collaborative solutions to challenges facing the organisation.
  • You will ensure the effective engagement of customers, partners and stakeholders through consultation to promote informed strategic decision making leading to improve experiences and achievement of Salix Homes priorities, performance indicators and  real added value.
  • As a member of the Leadership Team, to actively contribute to the development and success of the organisation ensuring effective financial, staffing and management arrangements.
  • You will be accountable for organisational regulatory and statutory compliance, in particular (but not limited to) repairs and maintenance, property and health and safety legislation.
  • You will exercise effective financial management controls, working in budget parameters and time constraints to achieve business objectives at all times seeking value for money and social return on investment.
  • You will ensure that business intelligence is acted upon, and where appropriate shared, to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction.
  • You will identify and mitigate major risks and issues across service areas
  • You will actively develop a positive performance culture to improve service delivery and achieve the agreed standards and targets
  • You will provide vision, leadership and overall direction for the effective and efficient management of the Salix Homes:
    • Housing stock, property portfolio and assets, with the exception of development services.
    • Planned maintenance and responsive repairs service
    • Income Collection
    • Neighbourhood Management
    • Customer Engagement
    • Customer Services
    • Environmental Services
    • Business Development
  • You will lead the development and delivery of a 30-year Asset Management Strategy that meets the financial requirements of the business while maximising the return on investment. In turn, using asset and survey information, this will inform appropriate investment programs, testing and considering alternative strategies and models.
  • You will have direct line management of the Directors for functions within your areas of responsibility.
  • You will actively lead, and effectively promote, Salix Homes’ vision and values. Modelling a leadership style that motivates employees, engages with partners, builds successful teams and delivers for customers, promoting a positive and enabling culture
  • You will demonstrate a flexible approach to strategic leadership, to ensure that the strategic and operational needs of the organisation are met, undertaking different duties as, when and where required by the Chief Executive.
  • You will provide sound up to date professional advice to colleagues, members, partners and customers.
  • You will actively promote inclusion and support diversity

Profile Fit:

  • A leader who works best operating at a high strategic level by actively developing strong leadership teams.
  • This is not a role that provides the post holder with routine and would not be appropriate for an individual who is uncomfortable with change or has low personal resilience.  This role is not suitable for someone who is uncomfortable with accountability for meeting demanding targets and competing demands.

Main Stakeholders:

  • Board
  • Executive Team
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers and Contractors
  • Other third parties


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